Women's Missionary Society

She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.

Proverbs 31:25


We are called to strengthen our faith and sent to continue the
ministry of Jesus Christ by service and witness in the world.


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The Women's Missionary Society (WMS) of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AMEC)
is a faith-based Non-Governmental Organization.  The WMS works within the local church to foster
missionary activities near and abroad.  Our propose, "As women called to discipleship to grow in knowledge and experience of God through Jesus Christ, committed to support the mission of the church, and, empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are challenged to help one another engage in ministry and action, and grow and respond in faith to God's redemptive plan for the church, the society, and the world. To
accomplish our purpose, the organization shall:
  • Coordinate and unify the work of our mission structure, by establishing and supporting organizations and units to carry out God's mission in the church, the society and the world;
  • Build an intergenerational community of caring women among all levels of the WMS and other women's organizations that can work collaboratively, ecumenically, and globally on peace, justice, and human rights issues;
  • Provide training and education that develop and inspire responsible and visionary leadership that is motivated to witness or advocate for the global mission community, and advocate for peace, justice, and human rights for women, children, elderly, and families;
  • Provide for flexible structures, so that groups may determine the structure and programs most appropriate and workable in their church;
  • Develop and distribute written, printed, and electronic resources and periodicals and maintain an archival database and repository of information for the organization;
  • Develop networks for communication within the organization and among women ecumenically and globally; and
  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive financial support system for the organization and administration of financial resources necessary for the fulfillment of the responsibilities and mission of the organization."

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